GM Customer Service

When I think about good customer service, I think of the good ole days with GM.  My grandfather, George Gatch, was a general manager for GM in the 40’s and 50’s in Los Angeles, California, and his job was general manager in charge of opening new dealerships in Southern California.  My poor mother attended a new high school about every 6 months as they moved from one dealership location to the next!  And back then, the customer was king!  It was a wonderful goal to own a new cadillac every year, and of course my grandmother did!  And I grew up loving to see my grandmother’s new cadillac every time I visited. 

I was feeling nostalgic for the good ole days with GM, and came across a video of Johnny Cash singing “One Piece at a Time”, about building his own custom GM, one piece at a time!  He went to work at a GM factory and snuck parts out, in his lunchbox and in his buddy’s RV.  If you’re nostalgic for the good ole days, and want to hear the song, and see a great slideshow on vintage cars and trailers, here’s the link:  Vintage Trailers.  Watch closely, the creator has done a fabulous job matching the expressions on the faces of the people in the slides to the lyrics in the song, it’s a great tribute to GM in days gone by!  Let’s hope GM will survive to continue the legacy that my Grandfather and many others like him started!  (More about GM’s current troubles.)

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